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Palm Beach Zoo Introduces Adorable Queensland Koala Ellin

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society has added a new member to its family, a female Queensland koala named Ellin. The two-year-old marsupial was born to Katy and Thoar at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio. After arriving at the Palm Beach International Airport in the fall, she was given time to adjust to her new environment and is now meeting visitors daily in the Islands of the World exhibit.

Ellin’s Arrival to Palm Beach Zoo

Ellin received a first-class journey on a plane to Palm Beach International Airport in the fall. After spending some time getting used to her new surroundings, she’s now greeting visitors every day in the zoo’s Islands of the World exhibit.

According to zoologist Tabbitha Beckens, the Southwest Airlines crew gave Ellin her “wings” by bringing eucalyptus branches on the flight for her to munch on.

Chief Animal & Conservation Officer Renee Bumpus is thrilled to welcome Ellin to the zoo family, stating, “Ellin is a remarkable animal that helps us invite guests to protect animals in the wild.”

Koala Extraordinary Animal Experiences

Ellin will be joining the zoo’s resident male koala, Sydney, born at Zoo Tampa four years ago, to participate in the Extraordinary Animal Experiences. During these events, guests get to go behind the scenes with the koalas and hear from the zookeepers who know them best.

The Importance of Koalas

Koalas are unique creatures that live exclusively in the eucalyptus forests of Australia. They’ve adapted to a diet of eucalyptus leaves that are poisonous to most other animals. However, koalas are facing various threats, including deforestation and disease.

Bumpus notes that Ellin’s presence will help bring awareness to simple steps that can protect the natural habitats of her wild koala counterparts, such as using recycled content toilet paper that reduces the need to harvest trees for paper products.

Visit Palm Beach Zoo to See Ellin

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society invites everyone to come and see Ellin and the rest of the animal family. Every visit to the zoo helps in the conservation and protection of wildlife.

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