Our Mission

a view of the underwater tunnel at the Georgia aquarium with a large whale shark swimming overhead

Our mission at ZooReviews.org is to inspire, educate, and connect the world to the incredible work of zoos. We believe that zoos are more than just places to see animals – they are centers of conservation, education, and scientific discovery, dedicated to preserving endangered species and educating the public about the natural world.

With passion and purpose, we strive to be the leading source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in zoos, showcasing the amazing work that zoos do in protecting and preserving the diversity of life on our planet. We are dedicated to sharing the stories of the animals, the people, and the places that make zoos such a vital and exciting part of our world.

Through in-depth reviews, news, and features, we aim to promote a deeper understanding of the role that zoos play in conservation, education, and scientific research, and to inspire visitors to support and celebrate the important work of zoos everywhere.

At ZooReviews.org, we are committed to promoting the value and importance of zoos in our society, and to celebrating the incredible work that zoos do to protect and preserve the natural world. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore and celebrate the amazing world of zoos!