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Zoo New England Launches Gorillas on the Line Campaign to Save Endangered Species

Zoo New England is taking action to help protect gorillas, one of the world’s most endangered species, by launching the Gorillas on the Line campaign. The campaign encourages people to extend the life of their cell phones and recycle them when it’s time for an upgrade. The recycled cell phones will help reduce the demand for coltan, a material that is mined from the western lowland gorillas’ natural habitat, leading to the rapid destruction of their home and putting the species at risk of extinction.

The Gorillas on the Line campaign provides an easy and effective way for people to make a difference. By simply bringing their old cell phones to the collection bins at Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo, they can contribute to the conservation effort and support the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Gorilla SAFE initiative. The initiative aims to restore healthy populations of gorillas in the wild and ensure their survival.

Zoo New England is committed to protecting and sustaining the natural world for future generations. The Gorillas on the Line campaign is one of the many ways the zoo is taking action to conserve endangered species. By participating in the campaign, people can make a real impact on the lives of gorillas and other species that share their habitat.

Zoo New England is also encouraging groups, classes, teams, organizations, and workplaces to join the recycling challenge and start their own collection drives. The zoo will work with these groups to help them recycle their old cell phones and contribute to the conservation effort.

In conclusion, the Gorillas on the Line campaign is a simple yet effective way for people to make a difference and help protect gorillas and other species at risk of extinction. Zoo New England is leading the charge, and they encourage everyone to join the recycling challenge and be a part of the conservation effort.

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