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Brandywine Zoo Takes the Lead in Reforestation Project in Madagascar

The Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington, Delaware, has taken a step forward in making a difference for wildlife and people alike with a grant from the Delaware Zoological Society Conservation Grant program. This grant is supporting a pilot project in Kianjavato, Madagascar, which focuses on alley cropping reforestation. The Brandywine Zoo is home to three of the nine species of lemurs found in the critical area in Southeastern Madagascar.

Madagascar is home to many unique species that can only be found there, but the forests they call home are being threatened by habitat loss caused by deforestation and overharvesting. The Delaware Zoological Society contributed funds to purchase necessary tools such as camera equipment, seeds, and reusable fabric pots for sapling trees. The Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership is planting the next phase of the alley cropping project, which will continue in 2023.

Alley cropping is a method of agriculture that combines farming with reforestation. By planting fast-growing trees for harvesting in spaced rows followed by slower-growing native trees, farmers can harvest crops while reforesting areas of native trees. This method of agriculture benefits farmers who rely on harvesting crops while also benefiting wildlife and local communities.

The Delaware Zoological Society Conservation Grant program at the Brandywine Zoo has donated over $7,000 to partners around the world since its official founding in 2021. Other partners include the Kaminando Habitat Connectivity Initiative in Panama and Conservation Fusion in Madagascar. Funds from the program have also supported local recipients such as the Delaware Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators and Educators and the Brandywine Zoo’s Field Conservation work.

Visitors to the Brandywine Zoo and members of the Delaware Zoological Society can support the zoo’s conservation efforts by volunteering or donating. To learn more about these conservation projects or to get involved, visit The Brandywine Zoo is the only accredited zoo in Delaware and is located at 1001 North Park Drive in Wilmington.

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